The Best Lizard Pets You Can Keep 

Are you fascinated by the riveting world of reptiles and considering bringing a bit of that intrigue into your own home? Are you intrigued by their scaly skins, distinctive movements, and stunning color patterns? Look no further than the best lizard pets you can keep. These creatures combine the exotic allure of the wild with an adaptability perfect for domestic life. 

Lizards are becoming more popular as pets because of their unique features, like their captivating eyes and unusual way of interacting with their surroundings. This article will explain why these incredible creatures are becoming hot favorites among pet lovers worldwide. It will also suggest some of the top lizard pets you can bring home.

When it comes to choosing the best lizard pets, there are several intriguing options to consider. The world of pet lizard types offers a diverse range of options that cater to different preferences and lifestyles. Some of best lizard pets are given below:

  • Asian Water Monitor
  • Black-Throated Monitor
  • Nile Monitor
  • Savannah Monitor
  • Green Iguana
  • Rhino Iguana & Rock Iguana
  • Argentine Black And White Tegu
  • Chinese Water Dragons
  • Chameleons
  • Bearded Dragons

Asian Water Monitor

Unfurling a world of astounding exotic charm, the Asian Water Monitor ranks at the top of our list of best pet lizards. These water lizard pet animals are beautiful with their colorful scales and large size. They’re fun to watch and very smart, often surprising people with their ability to learn and remember tasks! If you give them enough space and feed insects, small mammals, and fish, these bright reptiles can become unique pets in your home!

The Asian Water Monitor, also called Varanus salvator, is a tough creature that lives in different water habitats in Asia. It has strong jaws and a sleek body, making it good at swimming and hunting. Despite being big and fierce, these lizards have a complex social life and do interesting things like sunbathing to control their body temperature.

Best Lizard Pets

One cool thing about the Asian Water Monitor is its smarts and problem-solving skills. They have been seen using tools to get food or make shelter, showing they are smart for reptiles. Also, their forked tongue helps them sense chemicals in the air, letting them move around with great accuracy. Owning a monitor lizard pet is challenging, but it can be very rewarding. By understanding their needs and taking good care of them, pet owners can enjoy their company and learn about their interesting behaviors.

Black-Throated Monitor

The Black-Throated Monitor is a fascinating choice. This lizard is from the dry areas of Tanzania and is a mix of strength and calmness. Although it needs a specific environment with lots of climbing space and high heat, it’s worth it when you recreate its natural habitat. It eats a lot, which keeps owners busy, but it’s also gentle when handled. This makes it seem like a wild shepherd in a city setting. Unsurprisingly, many lizard lovers choose this fantastic creature as a pet!

lizard skin

Nile Monitor

Many people find it exciting to have unique and intriguing lizards as pets. Nile Monitors are a great example. These fascinating creatures are always alert, overseeing their surroundings. Spending time with them is always special. Their skin has beautiful blue and yellow patterns and can grow up to 7 feet long. These water-loving reptiles from Africa make pet-keeping a real adventure.

best pet lizards

Savannah Monitor

Savannah Monitors are a favorite among lizard lovers. They are calm and curious, which makes them fun to watch. Each has its own personality so that owners can form special bonds with them. They are not dull pets. They have dark brown, thick bodies and can grow up to two and a half feet long. Owning a Savannah Monitor is a unique and rewarding experience.

Best Lizard Pets

Green Iguana

Beyond the familiar landscape of dogs and cats, an intriguing world of reptilian companionship awaits. The Green Iguana, with its scaly emerald skin echoing the primeval forests it hails from, brings a dash of exotic tropics to your home. These geographically versatile lizard pets tantalize with their vegetarian habits and endurance, capable of thriving for up to 20 years in a suitable environment.

easiest lizard to care for

Rhino Iguana & Rock Iguana

Rhino Iguanas and Rock Iguanas make excellent choices if you prefer a blend of strength and sophistication in your lizard pets. Rhino Iguanas showcase prehistoric appeal with their textured grayish-brown hide and downy dorsal scales that resemble Rhino horn structures, hence the name. They are known for forming emotional bonds with their owners – who wouldn’t love this? Meanwhile, Rock Iguanas stand out with their majestic cyclura (round scale) markings, which give each pet its distinctive look—an embodiment of beauty standing atop rocky terrain.

Argentine Black And White Tegu

Pet lizards are the latest entrants to the list of offbeat yet fascinating companions. For instance, the Argentine Black And White Tegu is not your typical pet; it can grow up to lengths of 4 to 5 feet. Coming with a massive appetite, they are popularly known as ‘the dog of the lizard world’ because of their amiable temperament and responsive nature. But remember, these lizards require considerable care and dedication from their caregivers, including time for socialization and lots of space to roam around!

best pet lizards

Chinese Water Dragons

Then we have the Chinese Water Dragons – graceful reptiles blessed with striking looks that can mesmerize anyone. These brilliantly colored lizards, named aptly after their inclination towards water bodies, can add extraordinary elegance to your house’s ambiance! They offer a distinct experience: watching them swim or bask under light could be incredibly soothing after a hard day. Chinese Water Dragons demand an exacting humidity range – failing which might make them unhealthy – so thorough research and preparation before bringing one home is mandatory! 

easiest lizard to care for


Adorning the list of best pet lizards, Chameleons offer an unmatched living canvas of color and mood. Chameleons are exciting animals known for changing colors. But they’re also known for their unique vision and quick tongues, as fast as a car’s speed! There are over 200 species with excellent depth perception and wide eyesight, making them seem exotic. Having a chameleon is like having a small, mysterious dinosaur at home. These unique animals show us how to adapt and accept change, making them great pets.

best pet lizards

Bearded Dragons

Next up on our list of excellent pets is the Bearded Dragon, a friendly lizard with soft spikes. These lizards come from Australia’s deserts, and unlike their mythical namesakes, they are playful and love to sunbathe. Bearded Dragons are known for a cute arm-waving gesture that says peace, not war. They enjoy human interaction and are easier to care for than many other exotic pets, making them one of the best pet lizards. Having a Bearded Dragon as a pet can make your pet-owning experience feel a bit magical!

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Having giant pet lizards can make your pet collection more exciting and enjoyable. Giant reptiles such as iguanas or monitor lizards have unique features that set them apart from common pets. If you want interaction, these scaly pets have personalities. They can know and react to their owners, adding a special touch to friendship.

A big pet lizard can give people a new perspective on life, showing them how adaptable and resilient these creatures are. Some lizards can live for over 20 years to be long-term companions. Watching a different species live its life can be fascinating. Owning a slow-moving lizard is a unique experience compared to having regular pets.

Keeping giant lizards as pets is not just about their beauty or the bond we share with them. It’s also a great way to learn. Caring for these animals helps us understand their unique body functions, diet needs, and behaviors. Turning your living room into a place to watch them can spark curiosity in kids and adults. So, these attractive, scaly pets make us happy and help us learn right in our homes!

Owning a big lizard pet can make you attractive, but it takes work. The biggest problem is their diet. Unlike other pets, big lizards like monitors or iguanas need exceptional food. This includes costly things like live insects and fresh vegetables.

big lizard pets

Having a big lizard can be expensive and may change your lifestyle. As they grow, they need large cages, which can take up a lot of room in your house. Also, lizards can carry diseases like salmonella, which can be dangerous for kids or older family members. It’s essential to consider these things before getting this type of pet.

Giant lizards don’t usually hurt their owners but can be risky. They have strong jaws, sharp claws, and rigid tails that can be dangerous. Usually, a lizard becomes aggressive if it’s not handled correctly or feels threatened. So, the owner’s behavior is critical in keeping the lizard calm.

When considering best pet lizards, common types like Bearded Dragons and Blue-Tongued Skinks are renowned for their obedience. 

Owning a lizard as a pet can be an exciting and rewarding experience. They are low-maintenance, engaging, and come in various species, each offering unique characteristics and charm. Responsible ownership is crucial to ensure their overall health and happiness. Take time to research different species, understand their needs, and consider your lifestyle before making a choice. Remember that the best lizard pets  for you is one whose requirements meet your capacity to provide care – choose wisely!

What’s The Friendliest Lizard For A Pet?

The Bearded Dragon is a famous pet lizard due to its friendly and pleasant nature. They are calm, easy to handle, and like being around people. They also have a convenient size, usually growing up to 24 inches long, which makes them perfect for keeping as pets.The Leopard Gecko is a calm and friendly lizard that doesn’t mind being touched once it’s familiar to you. It’s also smaller and easier to care for than other reptiles. These lizards are great beginner pets because they’re friendly and easy to maintain.

What Is The Easiest Pet Lizard To Take Care Of?

The Leopard Gecko is the easiest pet lizard to care for. They are small, easy to maintain, and friendly. These geckos are night animals, so they’re most active after dark. They don’t need UV light, making their housing needs simpler than those of other lizards. They mainly eat insects like crickets and mealworms, which are available in most pet stores. They can live for 15-20 years with proper care, making them a good choice for a long-term pet. Even easy pets need regular care and commitment to stay healthy and happy.

Is A Lizard A Good Pet?

Lizards can be good pets, depending on the lizard type and the owner’s wants. Some lizards are easy to look after, perfect for first-time owners. Leopard geckos and bearded dragons are examples of such lizards. They are calm and don’t need complicated care.

What Is The Calmest Pet Lizard?

The calmest pet lizard is often considered to be the Bearded Dragon. Bearded Dragons are known for their docile and easy-going nature, making them great pets for beginners or those who prefer a more relaxed reptile. They are relatively easy to care for and can even enjoy being handled, which is uncommon among many lizard species.

Do Pet Lizards Like Affection?

Pet lizards don’t feel emotions or love like dogs or cats. They mostly care about staying alive and don’t socialize much. But, they can know who their owners are and may seem relaxed and familiar when touched gently and often. Even though lizards don’t enjoy affection, they can get used to their owner’s touch and presence. A regular, soft touch can make your lizard feel safer around you. Remember, every lizard is different and can handle different amounts of interaction. 

What Is The Largest Pet Lizard?

The biggest pet lizard is the Nile monitor. It can grow up to 7 feet long and weigh over 15 pounds. These reptiles need a big enclosure with lots of space to move around. They eat insects, rodents, and other small animals. Because of their size and special needs, Nile monitors are best for experienced reptile keepers who can give them the right environment and attention.