15 White Pet Snakes You Can Keep as Pets 

In this article, we will slither into the intriguing world of these snowy serpents, introducing you to fifteen different types that can safely share your abode. We’ll clear up any myths and misunderstandings and hopefully spark your interest in these fascinating but often misjudged creatures. Get ready for an exciting adventure – let’s overcome our fears and enjoy the excitement of having White Pet Snakes.

Have you ever thought about why some pet snakes are white? This change happens because of albinism, which can affect many different types of animals, not just snakes. Albinism occurs when an animal can’t make melanin, giving skin, scales, and eyes color. Besides their unique white look, these snakes are like any other snake.

White snake animal often struggle in nature because their bright color makes them easy targets for hunters and predators. But this unique feature makes them popular pets because they’re beautiful and rare. Interestingly, not all light-colored snakes are albino. Some types show Leucism, which causes them to lose some or all of their color, turning them into shades of white. These white snakes are full of fascinating secrets waiting to be discovered.

A white pet snake, the ‘Leucistic Texas rat snake,’ can make your home look modern and unique. This snake is famous for its light beauty and friendly nature, making it a top choice for reptile lovers. It’s easy to handle, calm and enjoys being around people. These traits, which are uncommon in reptiles, make them good pets.

These royal creatures are easier to care for than regular pets. A tropical terrarium that mirrors their natural home and a diet of rats or mice give them everything they need to grow healthy and live up to 20 years. Plus, having a white pet snake lets you learn about their daily behaviors, adding to your life and understanding nature’s diverse life forms.

Super Phantom Reticulated Python

The Super Phantom Reticulated Python is beautiful. Its stunning look is a mix of mystery and appeal. Monochrome never seemed so full of life until we encountered these exquisite white snakes for pets. The coils of a snake around your arm give off a unique elegance as if nature painted them herself. Many snake lovers are drawn to their mysterious charm, which makes them different from other reptiles. Owning and caring for one of these amazing creatures can be challenging and rewarding but worth every exciting moment. Their unique white color, smartness, and interesting characteristics make it feel like you have a piece of wild magic right in your home.

white snake pet

Palmetto Corn Snake

Parading an extraordinary beauty, Palmetto Corn Snakes are making a significant impact in the world of white pet snakes. Their white scales have colorful spots, making them look like a starry sky. This is different from the usual solid colors we see on snakes. This snake from South Carolina is not just beautiful; it is also known for being calm and assertive. This makes it an excellent choice for both snake lovers and beginners.

white pet snakes

Palmetto Corn Snakes are beautiful and exciting, unlike other colorful snakes. They look amazing, but they’re easy to take care of. They need regular food and a nice place to live. They can quickly become a favorite pet for anyone willing to try something different. So, why not consider getting a Palmetto corn snake? Their charm is sure to win you over.

Coral Snow Corn Snake

Snow corn snakes, particularly the Coral Snow type, exemplify nature’s beautiful white artwork. The ethereal beauty of this white pet snake effortlessly captures attention. The Coral Snow Corn snake, with its mix of light pink and purple on a clean white body, impressively captivates even experienced snake experts.

white pet snake

People often pick pets for companionship and to express their unique style. If you’re one of them, consider getting this shiny snake! Despite its odd color and striking looks, these snakes are friendly and great for all reptile lovers. Keep getting to know this beautiful creature; it might change your feelings about having snakes as pets forever!

Blizzard Corn Snake

Get to know the amazing Blizzard Corn Snake, a unique type of corn snake. This exciting animal stands out because it has no pattern and looks like textured white snow. Taking up this small white snake breeds requires little expertise in reptile keeping, making them a phenomenal pet for novices and experts alike. The Blizzard Corn Snake boasts an impressive lifespan of 15-20 years, given optimum care.

small white snake

Leucistic Rainbow Boa

Discover the stunning Leucistic Rainbow Boa. This snake is known for its shiny skin that reflects light and creates rainbow patterns on its white body. They are native to South America and are ideal for experienced owners. This is because they require special care, especially keeping the temperature and humidity similar to their natural rainforest home.

white snakes for pets

Snow Western Hognose

The Snow Western Hognose snake is both attractive and unique. These small, powerful snakes are from North America. They have an unusual upturned snout that makes them look cute. Their solid white color makes them look like a pearl in an oyster, full of elegance and mystery. When taken care of properly, these small snakes are friendly and make great pets.

white snake pet

Albino Corn Snake

The albino Corn Snake is popular with people who like white pet snakes. It’s lighter than most snakes because it doesn’t have melanin, making its eyes look red. Its skin patterns can look like zig-zag drawings, with different shades of light cream and dotted caramel.

white pet snakes

Albino California Kingsnake

The Albino California Kingsnake is a unique creature for its beauty. This snake, a predator in nature, has become a much-admired pet. It moves quickly and has striking white scales and bright pink-red eyes. Its white color hides any slow movements or missed attacks, making it look more like a delicate angel than a beast.

white pet snake

Super Arctic Western Hognose

Start a fun adventure with the Super Arctic Western Hognose Snake, a unique white pet snake! This snake is particular because of its royal shape and unusual color, even whiter than snow. Its unique hognose feature makes it a great talking point. Instead of scaring people, it impresses them, making it an excellent choice for reptile lovers!

small white snake

Leucistic Texas Rat Snake

The Leucistic Texas Rat Snake is an excellent option for a white snake pet. The Leucistic Texas Rat Snake is a beautiful white pet snake that quickly grabs attention. It’s not an albino, but its unique beauty comes from Leucism, a condition that reduces pigmentation and gives it a stunning white color. Its presence ranges from elegant to peaceful, showing off the beauty of nature.

white snakes for pets

Albino Hognose

Picture this – a charming dance performed by the Albino Hognose snake. This small, white pet snake is cute and intriguing, with its unique upturned snout. The albino version is even more appealing, with its striking red or pink eyes against its white scales. It’s like seeing live coral in the snow.

white snake pet

Pied Ball Python 

The Pied Ball Python could be considered the living version of abstract art among snakes. Its striking mix of white scales scattered across regular colors creates patterns like Rorschach inkblots. If you look at it for a while, you might find yourself trying to understand its beautiful balance between chaos and order. This uniquely patterned, colorless wonder makes having a plain white pet snake seem dull!

white pet snakes

Blue-Eyed Leucistic Ball Python

If you love unusual pets, the Blue-Eyed Leucistic Ball Python is excellent. It’s known for its white scales and blue eyes, which make it a beautiful and unique pet snake. These snakes are also very calm, so they’re great pets for people new to keeping snakes.

small white snake

Leucistic Cobra

The Leucistic Cobra is a beautiful and intriguing snake. Its unique white color makes it stand out among other pet snakes, and its hood display is captivating. Although owning Cobras can be difficult because they can be dangerous, they are still admired from a distance.

white snakes for pets

Ivory Ball Python

Finally, the Ivory Ball Python is a popular choice among white reptiles. Both enthusiasts and breeders admire its smooth ivory color. These snakes are simple yet elegant and can fit into any environment. These uniquely colored pythons can add character and beauty to your life as you take on the rewarding role of snake owner.

white snake pet

White snake prices can change based on breed, age, and health. Common species like the Leucistic Ball Python or Texas Rat Snake can cost between $200 to $500. Rarer breeds like the White Burmese Python can cost over $1000. It would help if you also considered the costs of keeping a snake. This includes a home, heating and lighting, food, and vet care. These costs can add up and should be part of your budget. Remember, having a pet is a long-term responsibility, so ensure you’re ready before buying.

White snakes are uncommon because they lack natural protection. Their bright color makes them easy prey, which lowers their survival rate and number. Today’s white snakes are bred in captivity for their unique color. The scarcity of white snakes also varies by species. Some species, like the Texas rat snake or ball python, are bred to produce a white or leucistic variant. 

These variants are not as rare in captivity but are still uncommon in the wild. Albino snakes, white with red eyes due to no melanin, are rare but can be found in different snake species in captivity and sometimes in the wild.

White snakes exist in the wild but are rare. Their color comes from their genes and surroundings. They’re not common because their bright color makes them easy prey. However, some species, like the leucistic Texas rat snake, are naturally white. The albino Burmese python is another white snake. Albinism is a genetic condition that causes a lack of color, making these animals look white or light. People with albinism are even less ordinary than leucistic animals because they need two copies of a particular gene to show this trait. Even though they’re rare, you might still see these beautiful creatures in the wild if you’re lucky!

white snake jojo

Snake bellies are often white in color due to a phenomenon called countershading. This natural adaptation helps snakes camouflage themselves in their environment by blending in with the light coming from above. The white belly reflects the light and makes the snake harder to spot from below, while the darker color on its back helps it blend in with shadows and vegetation.

Additionally, the white coloration of a snake’s belly may also serve as a form of thermoregulation. White surfaces reflect heat, which can help keep the snake’s body temperature cooler when exposed to direct sunlight. This is especially important for snakes that spend a lot of time basking in the sun to regulate their body temperature.

White snakes have a tough time in the wild because of their light color. This makes them an easy target for predators who can see them easily against dark backgrounds. Their color also makes it hard for them to control their body temperature and hide from danger. So, white snakes have to work hard to survive by finding ways to deal with these challenges.White snakes are seen as symbols in many cultures. People think they can bring good or bad luck. Some people try to use them for magic or special experiences. This can make it hard for white snakes to act naturally and affect how many of them there are.

White pet snakes are a great choice. They’re beautiful and easy to handle, perfect for new and experienced snake owners. Some popular types are the Leucistic Ball Python and the Blotched Kingsnake. But, owning these snakes needs commitment and knowledge about their care to stay healthy and live long. So, before getting one, learn about their specific needs. If you’re interested in these amazing reptiles and ready to care for them, why not get a white snake?

What Kind Of Snake Is White?

Several types of snakes can be white or primarily white. The Leucistic Texas Rat Snake is known for its white color and blue eyes. This is due to Leucism, which causes a lack of pigmentation. Another white snake is the Leucistic Monocled Cobra, which may have spots or patches of other colors. These rare snakes are often bred in captivity. They do not have albinism – their color comes from a lack of pigmentation, not a lack of melanin. The Albino Ball Python is another example, though it’s not entirely white. It has a light background color, from white to cream, with bright yellow or gold patterns. This is due to albinism, which causes more delicate skin and eye colors in snakes due to a lack of melanin production.

What Causes White Snakes?

White snakes, like other white or albino animals, are white because they lack skin color. This happens because a gene change stops melanin production, the color pigment in animals. This is called albinism. Sometimes, a snake may look white but isn’t an albino. It could have Leucism, a different gene change that causes only some loss of color. Unlike people with albinism, animals with Leucism can still have some standard colors and usually have normal eyes. Also, some snake species are naturally white or light without any gene change.

Is Albino Snake Poisonous?

Albinism in snakes or any animal means they lack skin color. This doesn’t change if a snake is venomous or not. The snake’s species decides if it’s cruel, not its color. For instance, an albino rattlesnake is still venomous because it’s a rattlesnake. But an albino corn snake isn’t venomous because corn snakes aren’t. So, an albino snake’s danger level depends on its species.

Are White Snakes Good Luck?

People’s views on white snakes bringing good luck vary with personal and cultural beliefs. In Asian countries like Japan and China, white snakes symbolize good luck, wealth, and wisdom. They’re seen as creatures that bring positive vibes. But, in other places, snakes can be seen as dangerous or deceptive due to religious stories. So, the idea of a white snake as a good luck symbol isn’t universal but depends on personal beliefs and culture.

Is White Snake Evil?

Whether a white snake is seen as good or bad depends on the culture and personal viewpoint. In many cultures, snakes represent wisdom, power, and new beginnings, not evil. For instance, in Chinese myths, there’s a well-known story about a white snake that turns into a woman and falls in love with a man. But in Western culture, snakes often symbolize trickery or danger because of biblical stories. However, this doesn’t mean a white snake is naturally evil. It’s important to remember that in real life, a snake’s color or type doesn’t determine its goodness or badness – snakes are just animals that act on instinct to survive.