19 Smallest Frogs to Keep As Pets

Are you tired of the same old cats and dogs as pets? Looking to add some amphibian charm to your home? Look no further than the enchanting world of tiny frogs! These little creatures may be small in size, but they make a big impression. In this article, we’ll explore the 19 smallest frogs to keep as pets for amphibian enthusiasts.

From their vibrant colors to their unique behaviors, there’s a lot to love about these diminutive amphibians. Whether you’re a seasoned frog owner or considering getting your first one, these tiny frogs will captivate you with their charm and cuteness. So, prepare to be amazed by the world of miniature amphibian companions!

If you’re considering adding a pet frog to your family, you might be intrigued by owning the world’s smallest frog. The Amau frog holds the title for being the tiniest frog species on Earth. Indigenous to Papua New Guinea, this miniature amphibian measures a mere 7.7 millimeters in length and can comfortably sit on a dime with ample room to spare. The Amau frog’s diminutive size has sparked fascination worldwide, attracting interest from even non-frog enthusiasts.

Researching their natural habitat and familiarizing yourself with their needs is crucial before considering adding one of these petite wonders to your home. When choosing a pet frog for beginners, it’s essential to understand that smaller does not necessarily mean more accessible to care for. While tiny frogs like the Amau may seem less intimidating than larger species, they require meticulous care and specific environmental conditions to thrive in captivity.

When choosing tiny pet frogs, several options are suitable for beginners. The White, dumpy tree frog is famous for its docile nature and charming appearance. These frogs are easy to care for and can thrive in a relatively simple terrarium setup. Their endearing personality and low maintenance requirements make them an ideal pet for those new to frog-keeping.

Another small frog that makes a great pet is the African dwarf frog. These aquatic creatures are perfect for beginner amphibian enthusiasts as they require a small tank and minimal maintenance. Their graceful swimming movements and peaceful demeanor fascinate them, adding a tranquil ambiance to any living space. Their unique feeding habits, which involve consuming live foods and commercial pellets, provide an exciting aspect of care for novice owners.

Bumblebee Dart Frog

As pet frog enthusiasts continue to explore the world of amphibian companionship, the Bumblebee Dart Frog emerges as a unique and captivating option. Known for their vibrant colors and relatively small size, these frogs are easy to care for and can make delightful pets for those seeking a low-maintenance amphibian companion.

Smallest Frogs to Keep As Pets

 Their striking black and yellow pattern often catches the eye of hobbyists looking to add a pop of color to their terrariums. One distinct advantage of the Bumblebee Dart Frog is its ease of care, making it an ideal choice for beginners or those with limited experience keeping frogs.

Painted Mantella Frog

The Painted Mantella frog is a standout choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-care-for pet frog. These colorful and active amphibians are native to Madagascar, and their vibrant red, yellow, and black markings make them a striking addition to any frog enthusiast’s collection. 

One of the most appealing aspects of keeping Painted Mantella frogs as pets is the relative ease of care involved.

They thrive in a controlled environment with consistent humidity levels and access to clean water for swimming. Their diet mainly consists of small insects like crickets, fruit flies, and other high-protein prey items that can be purchased or easily bred at home. With proper husbandry practices, these charming little frogs can live long and healthy lives in captivity.

Golden Mantella/Madagascar Golden Frog

The Golden Mantella, also known as the Madagascar Golden Frog, is a stunning small frog species gaining popularity as a pet. These bright yellow amphibians have a charming personality and are relatively easy to care for, making them ideal for first-time frog owners.

Golden Mantella

One of the most fascinating aspects of keeping Golden Mantellas as pets is their unique breeding behavior. Unlike many other frogs, they don’t go through the tadpole stage but hatch directly into tiny froglets. 

Green and Black Dart Frog

The Green and Black Dart Frog is a vibrant and fascinating option. Other small frog species also make excellent pets for amphibian enthusiasts. One such option is the Red-eyed Tree Frog, known for its striking appearance and ease of care. These beautiful creatures are relatively low-maintenance and thrive in a well-equipped vivarium environment.

Strawberry Dart Frog

If you’re looking for easy tiny frogs, the Strawberry Dart Frog is a fantastic choice. These vibrant little amphibians are not only visually striking with their bright red and blue coloration. Their small size makes them perfect for indoor terrariums, and their low maintenance requirements make them ideal for beginners.

Their visual appeal, Strawberry Dart Frogs, have fascinating behaviors that make them captivating pets. Known for their boldness and active nature, these frogs can provide hours of entertainment as they hop around their habitat and interact with each other.

Gray Tree Frog

The Gray Tree Frog is a lesser-known small frog that makes an excellent pet. With its endearing appearance and gentle nature, this species captivates beginner and experienced frog enthusiasts. Despite its diminutive size, the Gray Tree Frog boasts a remarkable ability to adapt to various environments, making it a versatile choice for pet owners. Its enchanting call during mating season adds an intriguing aspect to any home environment.

Gray Tree Frog

Another noteworthy small frog suitable as a pet is the Cuban Tree Frog. Although less commonly discussed in the realm of best pet frogs, this resilient amphibian offers a unique appeal with its vibrant coloration and captivating personality.

American Green Tree Frog

The American Green Tree Frog is often at the top of the list regarding tiny pet frogs. Several other small frog species can also make excellent pets for amphibian enthusiasts. The Pacific Tree Frog, for example, shares many similarities with the American Green Tree Frog and offers its unique set of charms as a captive companion. 

It’s known for its musical calls and remarkable adaptability to various environments, making it an intriguing addition to any frog lover’s collection. The Strawberry Poison Dart Frog is another noteworthy contender in tiny best pet frogs.

Glass Tree Frog

Glass tree frogs are a popular choice for small pet amphibians but are not the only ones worth considering. The African Dwarf Frog is another excellent option for a small pet frog. These tiny creatures are peaceful and can thrive in small aquariums with gentle filtration systems. Their active behavior and endearing appearance make them an engaging addition to any household.

Glass Tree Frog

Burmese Chubby Frog

The Burmese Chubby Frog is a delightful addition. Known for its endearing round shape and charming personality, this species makes it an excellent choice for beginner and experienced frog enthusiasts. With their gentle nature and low-maintenance care requirements, these tiny amphibians can bring joy and entertainment to any household. Burmese Chubby Frogs are renowned for their adorable appearance and captivating behavior.

 From their comical hopping antics to their amusing feeding habits, observing these frogs can be endlessly entertaining. Their peaceful disposition also makes them an ideal companion for those seeking a tranquil pet that requires minimal attention.

Waxy Monkey Frog

The Waxy Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa sauvagii) is undeniably one of the best tiny frogs to consider as a pet. Their unique appearance and charming personality set them apart from other frog species. These frogs have a wax-like coating on their skin, giving them a distinct waxy appearance that captivates enthusiasts and casual observers alike. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Waxy Monkey Frogs are low maintenance, making them an ideal choice for beginners in exotic pets.

Waxy Monkey Frog

One often overlooked aspect of these delightful creatures is their vocal nature. Some people may find loud croaking annoying in larger frog species, the calls of the Waxy Monkey Frog are surprisingly pleasant and can add a soothing ambiance to any living space. 

Clown Tree Frog

Despite its small size, the Clown Tree Frog packs a big punch as a potential pet. Known for its vibrant colors and charming personality, this diminutive amphibian can make an excellent addition to any frog enthusiast’s collection. With their friendly demeanor and straightforward care requirements, Clown Tree Frogs are particularly well-suited for beginners looking to dip their toes into frog ownership.

Although they may not be as commonly known as some tiny frogs, such as the Poison Dart Frog or the Pacman Frog, Clown Tree Frogs offer a unique appeal with their endearing antics and eye-catching appearance.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

When it comes to choosing the best tiny frogs as pets, the Red-Eyed Tree Frog definitely shines. Other small frog species also make excellent companions for amphibian enthusiasts. The White Tree Frog, known for its friendly and docile nature, is famous among novice frog owners. Its gentle demeanor and manageable size make it an ideal pet for those looking to delve into the world of exotic amphibians.

smallest frog pet

African Dwarf Frog

The African Dwarf Frog is a fantastic choice for beginner frog enthusiasts searching for an unconventional pet. These tiny aquatic creatures, native to the rivers and streams of Central Africa, are captivating to observe in a well-maintained tank environment. With their endearing behavior of gliding gracefully through water and occasionally basking on aquatic plants, African Dwarf Frogs bring a unique charm to any living space.

One striking feature that makes them stand out as pets is their lack of vocalization – they communicate primarily through gentle movements and interactions within their habitat. Their low-maintenance requirements make them an ideal option for individuals seeking an intriguing yet undemanding companion.

African Dwarf Frog

Red-Backed Poison Dart Frog

The Red-Backed Poison Dart Frog, or the R. ventrimaculata, is a stunningly beautiful and relatively small frog species that can make an excellent pet for beginners. These charming frogs are native to Central and South America and possess vibrant red to orange coloration on their backs, making them visually striking additions to any amphibian collection.

One of the most intriguing aspects of keeping Red-Backed Poison Dart Frogs as pets is their fascinating behavior. Despite being tiny, these frogs have prominent personalities and are known for their active nature. Watching them hop around and climb in their vivarium can be endlessly entertaining for owners.

Desert Rain Frog

If you’re looking for a unique small frog to keep as a pet, the Desert Rain Frog might be the perfect choice. This fascinating little amphibian is known for its distinctive appearance and adorable round body, making it an ideal option for beginner frog enthusiasts. Despite their small size, Desert Rain Frogs are full of personality, with their endearing squeaky call that has captured the hearts of many reptile and amphibian lovers.

Desert Rain Frog

Desert Rain Frog has low maintenance requirements as a pet. These frogs thrive in simple, well-ventilated terrariums with moist substrate and plenty of hiding spots. Not only are they relatively easy to care for, but they also have captivating behaviors that make them a delight to observe. With their docile nature and unique characteristics, Desert Rain Frogs offer an exciting opportunity for individuals looking to venture into frog ownership.

Golden Poison Dart Frog

The Golden Poison Dart Frog, also known as Phyllobates terribilis, is not only one of the most miniature frogs to keep as pets but also one of the most vibrant and visually stunning. Its bright golden coloration is a warning sign in the wild, but it adds a touch of exotic beauty to any frog enthusiast’s collection in captivity. Despite its small size (around 1-2 inches), this tiny amphibian packs a powerful punch with its toxic skin secretions, making it both fascinating and potentially dangerous for inexperienced keepers.

small pet frogs

Beginner frog owner, the Golden Poison Dart Frog presents unique challenges and requirements due to its specialized care needs. Maintaining humidity levels and providing suitable diet options are crucial when considering these captivating creatures as pets. 

Monte Iberia Eleuth Frog

The Monte Iberia Eleuth, or Monte Iberia Dwarf Eleutherodactylus, is a fascinating choice for beginners interested in keeping frogs as pets. They make up for what these tiny creatures lack in size with their unique characteristics and charming personalities. Their diminutive stature, reaching only about 0.4 inches (10mm) in length, adds an element of curiosity and wonder to their allure.

Despite their small size, the Monte Iberia Eleuth frogs are robust and agile hunters, making them an intriguing species to observe. Their vibrant assortment of colors and patterns also makes them visually appealing pets. Owning these petite amphibians requires special care due to their delicate nature—creating a nurturing environment that closely mimics their natural habitat is crucial for their well-being.

Darwin’s Frog

If you’re looking for a unique and captivating pet frog, look no further than Darwin’s Frog. This tiny amphibian, native to Chile and Argentina, is one of the most miniature frogs in the world and can make an intriguing addition to any enthusiast’s collection. Despite their diminutive size, these fascinating creatures are known for their distinctive reproductive behavior – the male broods the eggs in his vocal sac until they metamorphose into froglets. 

Darwin's Frog

 Pets frogs for beginners, Darwin’s Frogs offer a low-maintenance yet rewarding experience. Their small size makes them suitable for smaller living spaces, and they thrive in simple terrarium setups with plenty of hiding spots and moist substrate. 

Pool Frog

If you’re considering keeping a frog as a pet, the pool frog might be the perfect choice for beginners. With an average size of only 3-5 centimeters, these tiny amphibians are adorable and relatively easy to care for. Their small size makes them ideal for anyone with limited space or those looking for a low-maintenance pet.

Despite their diminutive stature, pool frogs are fascinating creatures with unique behaviors and personalities. Watching these tiny frogs leap and explore their environment can be incredibly entertaining, providing endless enjoyment for frog enthusiasts.

Frogs are a diverse group with varying sizes, but some species stand out for their tiny stature. One such example is the Gardiner’s frog, found in Seychelles, which measures just about 1 cm in length. These minuscule amphibians have adapted to their environment by remaining small, allowing them to thrive in dense vegetation and blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

Another fascinating tiny frog is the Monte Iberia Eleuth, discovered in Cuba. This diminutive creature measures only around 9mm in length and has captured the attention of researchers due to its adorable yet resilient nature. Despite its tiny size, this species provides an excellent opportunity for beginners to observe and appreciate the intricacies of these remarkable creatures on a smaller scale.

The world of pet frogs offers a wide variety of species, and the 19 smallest frogs to keep as pets are perfect for those looking to keep these fascinating creatures as pets. These tiny amphibians bring unique charm and beauty to any home aquarium or vivarium with their vibrant colors and exciting behaviors. From the strawberry poison dart frog to the Cuban treefrog, each species has distinct characteristics that make them a joy to observe and care for.

With proper research and responsible ownership, these tiny frogs can thrive in captivity and provide endless enjoyment for their keepers. Consider adding one of these petite wonders to your collection and experience the joys of caring for some of Earth’s smallest yet most captivating creatures.

What Is The Best Small Frog For A Pet?

The best small frog for a pet would be the African Dwarf Frog. These tiny amphibians are easy to care for and can live in small aquariums, making them great for those with limited space. They are peaceful and can coexist with other small fish, adding a lively touch to any aquatic environment.

What Is The Smallest Frog?

The Amu frog, is the smallest frog in the world. It was found in Papua New Guinea in 2009 and is only about 7.7 mm long. It holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest vertebrate. Even though it’s tiny, the Amu frog has unique traits that help it survive.

Can I keep A Small Frog?

Yes, you can have a small frog as a pet. Many types of frogs are good pets and don’t need much care. But you should learn about the specific needs of the type of frog you want. Some good tiny frogs for beginners are the African dwarf frog and the American green tree frog. If you wish to have a small frog as a pet, ensure it has the right temperature, humidity, and clean water.

Are Dart Frogs Poisonous?

Dart frogs have strong poison from the insects they eat. This poison on their skin can kill predators and is a defense. Dart frogs are poisonous, not evil. Their poison is harmful if eaten or touched by mucous membranes or opened wounds. Handled carefully, dart frogs can be exciting pets for amphibian fans.